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#Alongthewallin80days - Day 28

Samantha's picture
Tue, 10/06/2014 - 09:13 -- Samantha

Yesterdays post mentioned how some of the pottery at the site of Milecastle 59 was said to be 'Romano-British'. Romano-British is how we refer to the culture that was prevalent at the time the Romans had established a home here in Britain. It arose as a fusion of the imported Roman culture with that of the indigenous Britons, a people of Celtic language and custom. The Romans effected all aspects of the once Celtic Britain from the language to the religion. After A.D. 43 the Latin language advanced rapidly, Monuments erected durning the Roman period were all inscribed in Latin. 

One aspect of Roman influence seen in British life was the grant of Roman citizenship. First of all Roman Citizenship was granted very selectvely to those high up in the towns and cities but by AD 212  everybody except slaves and those who were slaves were granted citizenship. Many Roman men also married british women and had childere,n integrating the two indefinitely.

The real point at which Britain ceased to be a province of the empire is hard to pin down as e ven after the Romans left Britain in AD 410, the Romano-British culture still survived for quite a while. The Romans had had such a great impact on all aspects of British life as we found out in some of last weeks blogs, if you havent already, read them to find out more!

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