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#alongthewallin80days - Day 34

Samantha's picture
Mon, 16/06/2014 - 15:18 -- Samantha

Todays blog is a fact file all about milecastles 52,51 and 50, starting at the farthest West milecastle 52...

Milecatsle 52

Known as Bankshead 

Grid reference NY57946490

​1484 m from milcastle 51

1520 m from milecatsle 53

No visible trace of milecatsle 52 abouve ground

Excavated in 1934 

Measured 27.5 m East to West & 23.4 m North to South

2 associated turrets, 52A (Grid Reference NY5747864729) and 52B (grid reference NY5700457)

​Pike Hill signal tower is 170m East of turret 52A


​Milecastle 51

Known as Wall Bowers

Grid reference NY59306549

 Situated to the West of Birdoswald fort

 It lies 1501 m West of Milecastle 50 and 1484 m East of Milecastle 52

Remains consist of some turf covered foundations and traces of a ditch to the East

The milecastle was excavated in 1927, 1934 and 1936. Although not now visible, excavation showed that it had two internal stone barracks buildings.

2 associated turrets 51A (grid reference NY58826530) and 51B  (grid reference NY58386511) 


Milecatsle 50

Known as High House

 Grid reference NY60676601

Situated to the West of Birdoswald Roman Fort

It lies 1391 metres west of Milecastle 49 and 1501 metres east of Milecastle 51

Excavations in 1911 showed that it measures 18.3 metres east to west by 23.2 metres north to south.

2 associated turrets 50A (grid reference NY60206586) and 50B (grid reference NY59736573)

turret 51b_0.jpg

Turret 51b





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